Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can Free Music Lead to Rewards?

Picture yourself in the shoes of a new and up and coming artist looking to make a name for themselves. You will try to do anything that will help gain popularity from distributing free copies of their albums, merchandise with your name on it, and performing with big name artists. The music which you make will produce the money which will pay for your food and a place for you to live. After gaining a large celebrity status your music will spread across the country and then eventually around the world. Your albums and merchandise will be flying off the shelves.

Now what drove people to buy those products? Due to your starmdom, skills and ability, you have influenced them into buying your products. Then there is a percentage of that population that possesses your products, but did not legally purchase your products, leaving you cut off from the profits. Like several artists, you start to rally for anti-piracy by saying support your music by purchasing it legally, but they continue to pirate your music. Your so-called fans steal music from you, and you do not get paid for the music you rightfully produced. There must be a solution to all of this?

What I propose is building off of the idea of music pirating. Today it is so difficult to really suppress a growing trend such as music pirating. Instead of having anti piracy, the music producers and artists should come up with new marketing schemes through downloadable music. This can include releasing free play music such as for radio stations, but released to the public. Give the power to the people. Other schemes can be to create a reward system for the listeners. I know it may sound silly to reward the people that are stealing from you, but hear me out. You have an audience that is already listening to your music. If you create rewards that will keep them listening for long periods of time, you have eventually developed a system that keeps your fans wanting more and more.

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